Jewelery has been part of the Indian civilization since ancient history. They were in fashion since ancient civilizations as Harappa and Mohanjodaro. Made out of almost any material, jewelry is basically adorned to highlight nearly any body part. Be it the traditional jewelry or the latest ones which are increasingly in demand, i.e. the costume & imitation jewelery. There is no dearth when it comes to accentuating the beauty with varied imaginative & stunningly designed jewelry items.

Jewelry are perfect for any occasion, be it a formal or ceremonial occasion or casual ones. They do not need any particularly specified occasion for exhibiting the beauty. Renowned for their custom-made jewellery, with a focus on designs for 'career women', they also provide opportunities for young, enterprising designers and train students of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, in jewellery design. Comprising 3 spacious showrooms - in Spencer Plaza , Panagal Park and now also on Cathedral Road, this premier jewellery is managed by Princeson Jose, the Director, who is a designer himself. With an innate understanding of the value of practical design, bastidetournon Jewellery was the first to launch a lightweight jewellery collection in addition to jewellery for working women.

Jewelry designs can vary from vintage and antique designs to ethnic designs to very flashy and chunky jewelry. Often stone studded, engraved, electroplated and designed using various colors for creating an eye catching effect, these jewelry items are designed for different occasions including bridal jewelry, formal and informal jewelry. The intricate motifs still holds the same charm as they did centuries ago simply because of their absorbing styles.

Firstly, a printed catalogue is permanent, the only way to change the collection is to print a new one - which is very expensive. Secondly, if you are going to spend all that money on printing a catalogue you need to be very sure that you are going to sell lots and lots of each piece that you show so you can only deal with large manufacturers who churn out hundreds and hundreds of identical pieces. We, on the other hand, and now you, have the freedom to choose pieces from smaller suppliers with unique and original jewellery designs.

The company has its own designing unit, employing the most innovative designers in the country. Our designing is unique and of finest quality, which has made a mark in the international market. While making the traditional crafts, our company has always adhered to the global quality standards. our emphasis are on delivering superior quality products, premium packaging, competitive rates and on-schedule delivery. Shape, size and look of our packaging is as attractive as the products themselves. We are committed to customer satisfaction and hence, have a customer-oriented approach. This attitude envelops the entire organization and influences every function. Apart from our own manufacturing facilities, we have built a loyal network of suppliers over the years

The group has strong customer base world over which account for as a very high asset for the un-interrupted market supplies and knowledge of changing business fashion and trends. The group is also known as for their vision and innovations.

In due course of time, the group has earned in its account a vary respectable position amongst the business association on national and international repute like The Gem & Jewelry Export Promotion Council, Indo German Chambers of Commerce, Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Regional Jewelers Association and so on. The group has also won the country’s prestigious export award for colored stones which speaks for the early success story of the group’s marketing arm.

here is a team of around 100 sincere and dedicated workforces with the group with everybody playing a great role in group’s standing.

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Beads have been valued, since time immemorial these have been fashioned from materials considered to hold protective properties. Blue stones were prized above all others. Lapis lazuli, believed to protect the wearer's health, held religious significance and during certain periods only royalty were allowed to own it. Carnelian, feldspar, amethyst, jasper and ivory were also fashioned into beads and amulets.